Corporates remain one of the highest contributing sectors of E-waste in the country. As a bulk consumer of electronic and electrical goods along with the trending push towards digitization, offices and corporates are going producing E-waste at a scale unparalleled to their own predictions.

This creates a problem of management and wastage of resources as often value that could be otherwise be extracted is discarded due to lack of knowledge, resources, time or all three. Such E-waste swiftly makes its way to landfill sights, where it falls prey to a horde of lesser privileged children and ultimately due to their unrefined and unprotected segregation and extraction, it either makes it way into the organ systems of the children or the natural resources like soil, air and water.

Thus, it is eminent that the organized sector of corporates is not only seriously fueling the unorganized waste management of the country but also resulting in health issues through-out globe reducing both the quality of life and the general life expectancy.

A simple shield to this double edged sword is to simply channel this waste from these bulk consumers to government authorized recyclers, this would not only create some value for the corporates and have a direct impact on the air, water and soil quality but also enable a formalization of the waste management/ recycling sector in the country saving thousands of children from a life of physical harm, degradation and poverty.

Ye Prayas is a PRO (Producers Responsibility Organization) registered by the central pollution control board (CPCB), which internalizes waste management and ensures safe recycle, reuse and disposal of your electronic waste. We partner with corporates to inculcate the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), spread awareness and design an effective waste management plan customized to each companies’ unique needs and generate maximum social, monetary and ecological value from it.