Government/Public Sector Units

Thousands of small and large industrial sectors often dump toxic and dangerous waste products in plazas and nearby water sources. Over the past three decades, there has been a rise of such serious and permanent environmental damage within these areas due to the industry.

As a result of rapid industrialization, large quantities of both sewage and liquid waste are produced, such as sugar, paper, fruit and vegetable processing, sauce/starch, salads, dairy products, tanners, slaughterhouses, poultry, etc. Despite the requirements for pollution control measures, these wastes are usually ignored by water or electricity without adequate treatment, which is the main cause of environmental pollution and health damage.

There are challenges that industrial and governmental bodies may face while handling this overwhelming amount of waste at the very beginning of the process itself. Segregating the waste into biodegradable, dry and hazardous is in itself an activity requiring extensive man and machine power. Following this there are a series of individual category specific methods that are to be adapted for further processing.

Ye Prayas is a PRO (Producers Responsibility Organization) registered by central pollution control board (CPCB), which internalizes waste management and ensures safe recycle, reuse and disposal of your electronic waste.