A resident welfare association (frequently abbreviated as RWA) is a civic body that represents the interests of the residents of a specific urban or suburban locality in Indian cities. Non-governmental organizations commonly referred to as NGOs, are usually non-profit and sometimes international organizations independent of governments and international governmental organizations (though often funded by governments) that are active in humanitarian, educational, health care, public policy, social, human rights, environmental, and other areas to effect changes according to their objectives. There are challenges that NGO's and RWA's may face while handling these wastes such as awaring the masses to segregate wastes according to its category into biodegradable, dry hazardous, biomedical and others

Ye Prayas helps RWA's and NGO’s in handling there collected waste by awaring the masses helping them segregate making it available for recycle and ensures safe disposal of their waste.

We also work at an individual RWA level as a part of our trickle-down approach to inculcate the habit of sorting and recycling into every household. As a part of this mission we not only hold comprehensive awareness drives and workshops but also set up collection centers and guide the residents at every step of the way with the ultimate goal of making each and every resident self-sufficient in waste management.