Producers / Manufecturer

As the volume of waste increased, many governments concluded that it would be essential to review the policy options available and place responsibility for the post- consumer stage of the particular product on producers.

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is necessary to protect the property of consumers for actions for the production of consumer products. Transfer of such responsibilities in principle can provide incentives to prevent the disposal of raw materials, promote product design for the environment, and to support the achievement of public recycling and material management goals. One of the goals in introducing the EPR scheme is to promote the ecological clean designing of the products, such as facilitating product recycling and processing.

The EPR may take the form of a reuse, repurchase, or recycling program. Producers can also delegate this responsibility to a so-called producer responsible organization (PRO) of a third party. Through this, the responsibility for waste management is effectively transferred in part from the government to private enterprises, mandated producers, importers, and/or sellers.

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