Waste Management is undoubtably a rapidly growing industry in the world today, with E-waste being the fastest growing waste stream, with computer equipment accounting for almost 70 per cent of it, followed by telecommunication equipment (12 per cent), electrical equipment (8 per cent) and medical equipment (7 per cent).

E-waste, needless to say, represents an enormous environmental hazard. However, it also presents huge opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to take the plunge. According to a recent study by Assocham-Ckinetics, India is the fifth largest e-waste producer and its e-waste generation is expected to annually grow at 30 per cent. This, in turn, represents a huge business opportunity in e-waste recycling.

Seeing the untapped industry potential and to fulfill its plan to explore the intact opportunity in managing and recycling the end of life electronics or E-waste, Ye Prayas is eying to work with several recyclers/Dismantlers for the fulfillment of the brands i.e. manufacturers/producers/importers ewaste collection target allotted from CPCB which comes under Extend Producer Responsibility, our target is to set up or tie-up with the recyclers of ewaste authorized with the SPCB as the execution partner to work with this common goal.

After sensing the big business opportunity in end of life (EOL) e-waste management, Ye Prayas is committed to set up a big network of Collection Points suffixed with well- planned reverse logistics process to provide support to all these original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to help them save lots of capital costs and revenue expenses in managing their own collection points on individual basis.