The student body of our nation and across the world is more than capable to bring about lasting change and we at Ye-Prayas are on the mission to equip them with the necessary experience as well as awareness. Inspired by the Climate Emergency movement, advocated in the UN itself via a student, a gargantuan chunk of our young population wants to step forward and accept their responsibility as stakeholders of the society.

Along with partnering with Universities and Schools across the nation and preparing a curriculum to educate the students on ill-impacts of poor waste management, our goal is to convert them into active lobbyists and awareness cadets in this fight for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Hence, this curriculum does not remain restricted to the class room, but takes a holistic approach to the education of the mind, where activities like Nukkad Naatak, essay writing, campaigning, music, quizzes are also employed.

Only after onboarding this army of young advocates can a future be secured where resources are put to optimal use, circular economy flourishes and most importantly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) declared by the United Nations can find some essence in reality.