Universities and Schools

India is among the top 5 producers and one of the greatest importers of E-waste in the world. Our capacity to produce plastic and municipal waste also remains as one of the highest in the world. Given these impending problems the policy and research discussion in the country remains limited. According to a World Economic Forum Report more gold can be extracted from mobile phones than with the same amount of gold ore while reducing the carbon footprint by over 20%.

With the possibility of ground breaking discoveries, we lack both in experience and in awareness on the subject of waste management. The next generation cannot afford to NOT recycle and yet nothing is being taught to them about the process of recycling.

Ye Prayas has taken the initiative to partner with educational institutions of all primary, secondary and tertiary levels across the country. We design a curriculum customized to each age group to promote a commitment towards safeguarding the environment, adapting practices like recycling and refurbishing along with creating individual advocates for spreading the much-needed awareness on the climate emergency.

With Ye Prayas’s hands on industry experience, we also aim to bring more young minds into ideating over the current waste management procedures in the country. Hence, we provide a ground zero exposure, hold ideation seminars and take comprehensive courses/ workshops in India’s leading Universities so the brightest minds of our generation are not only prepared to face this impending calamity but also seek a career in the field of waste management.