Umesh Prasad Singh has been an active pursuer of Environmental challenges faced by the world for more than five decades. He has been responsible for revolutionising the private transport industry in Bihar, as CEO of his own company of passenger busses- Nalanda Tourist. In his active pursuit to minimize carbon footprint of vehicles and maximize sustainability of the natural resources, he has managed a number of public benefit programs and created a platform for developing an ecosystem in the transport industry where green leadership and responsible management has become of utmost importance. Umesh has also served as a manager of the Food Corporation of India and this enabled him rich and diverse experience of dealing with government institute, get a greater and invaluable insight over policy development and scrutinizing the executional implication of any governmental policy or programme.

Umesh has had a rich and diverse career as both a private entrepreneur and an officer of the government and creating a platform to connect with and uplift the most poor and general of the population has always been a driving force for him. As a vocal advocate for adapting better and sustainable waste management practices and ensuring environmental conservation both within and for the government, he has always strived to ensure that the populace is well-informed and well- motivated. Umesh’s long standing experience in leadership roles makes his vision almost ideal for any institute, his insights derived from his diverse list of portfolios engender a more comprehensive and inclusive business strategy. Umesh’s expertise still relies in his communication with people, which is where he finds his voice to have the most connect. His motivation and enthusiasm for work is infectious and proves for him to be one of the better suited leaders in the industry. He firmly believes that starting on a new task and knowing that it will not benefit the most poor is already failing.

Business Head

“Viresh Keshri – 15+ years of management experience with a major part of this in e-waste industry, backed with his MBA in core finance, marketing as well as International Business, Knowledge of recycling industry from ground zero mark his stand as a strategic leader and among the pioneers in the industry.”

Viresh has been a pioneer developer in the E-waste industry. He has been associated with the industry from ground zero to its top most executive levels. His vast array of experience is key to understanding and further capitalising this transitioning industry as more and more need for recycling and management is being generated in the formal sector, to get ahead of the trends and ensure maximum compliance and public benefit. Viresh’s vision and commitment to effective waste management has resulted in the production of thousands of recycled products, both saving the environment from taking a toll and generating business along the way as well. He has been exemplary in his work and has over the years produced a well-knit network of committed workers, all striving to ease the labouring environment and to mine wealth from waste. A born Entrepreneur, his instincts, knowledge and most importantly impeccable leadership creates an ecosystem of constant ideation, innovation and learning.

He is a proven visionary and strategic leader with an ability to track corporate trends, turn those trends into business. His ability to upsell corporate clients on revenue-generating LOB, keep close tabs on international sales trends that affect the local area has been monumental in his success as well as that of organizations he has been associated with. He is constantly driven to bring in repeat business and expand on a high level of customer satisfaction. His MBA degree in marketing, International Business and Core finance , a diverse education with more than 13 years of professional work experience along with his consistent urge to reach out to community and create a sustainable environment running on a circular economy make him a natural leader to drive home this vessel of change.


“SANYOG MEHRA – Backed up with rich experience of 13+ years in Telecom and Ewaste Management, an intellectual thinker and a great leader comes up with his collaboration with Yeprayas to contribute towards Entrepreneurship and taking the organisation to a new height’s with versatile experience and thorough knowledge from scratch to perfection.”

Sanyog Mehra is Co- founder of YE PRAYAS ,India’s most efficient E-Waste management service provider. With an excellent experience in managing Pan India team, he is proven visionary and strategic leader with an ability to track corporate trends and turning them into business, Keeps a close tabs on business and sales trends. Driven to bring in repeat business and expand on a high level of client satisfaction. Being an Qualified graduate from Karnataka University , MBA- International Business Management with combination of 13 +years of rich experience in corporate sales and Operation in telecom and Waste management has inbuilt a well-qualified leader with strong work ethics, Integrity and confidence that enable him immediate and valuable contributions to our company. Sanyog is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of Waste Management. He considers himself a ‘forever student’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in E- Waste Management and stay in tune with the latest Management strategies through continue coursework and professional development. His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to him most recent success at all level in his previous experiences in multiple Organizations. Has vastly improved the productivity of his department by implementing strategic project management methods and ensuring a work-life balance for his team. Sanyog believes “Mindfulness in the workplace is key to success”.


Sankalp Suman has been associated with environment and its management related problems since early childhood. He has been known to run collection drives and awareness campaigns for the community to benefit. His expertise lies in connecting mass campaigns to individuals. Having been in a leadership position with multiple organizations, he has a vast experience mapping community trends and using it to maximise the environmental benefit. A voracious debater, and avid member of the Model UN community he firmly believes in speaking for the mute and fighting for what is right. He has also been associated with Theatre and story telling for most of his life and has been responsible for creating a number of stories, plays and nukkad nataks to bring in necessary and lasting change in the society. As 3 rd year student at Delhi Technological University he is currently pursuing his B. Tech in Environmental Engineering. His keen understanding of latest technical trends and their applications for public benefit has proved to be priceless for the organizations he has worked with, he has also had the special experience of having closely mapped European trends of waste management due to his student exchange program in Germany. With the combined technical and management knowledge he has proven to be a double-edged sword in both policy making and execution. Sankalp believes that experience and knowledge are just tools to execute the right and strong will and as a young student he is constantly motivating his peers and himself to give the community more than they take.